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‘Cap Sac’ ritual - Occult religious practice of Dao people

The Dao people believe that if a man has not undergone the cap sac ritual, he is considered a child even if he is old. People who have passed the ritual at a young age are considered to be adults, and are allowed to participate in important events in the community.


The ritual is important for a Dao man to become a true descendant of Ban Vuong (the forefather of the Dao), who possesses common sense and is able to meet his ancestors upon his death.

It is usually held for boys aged 10 years and older, and is performed at the beginning or end of the year during leisure time. In preparation for the ceremony, a family raises pigs, prepares food and votive papers, and invites relatives to join the ceremony.

Cap sac is a unique ritual and been handed down through many generations in the Dao ethnic minority community. People participating in the ritual better understand their history and origin, thus raising awareness about preserving the customs and practices of the Dao.

The Cap sac ritual reflects the diverse spiritual lives of the Dao minority people, reflected in dances and paintings. It plays an important role in their spiritual and religious life./.


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